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Turn LIKEs into LEADS

Most companies engage in what they call Social Media Marketing but the reality is that they are merely Social Media Posting with very little if any actually marketing at all.

This is what can lead companies to inccorrectly conclude that social media doesn’t really work, the only value is some possible branding and measuring ROI is next to impossible (if there is any).

However, social media is not only about talking (posting), but about engaging in conversation and developing trust by providing value.

What’s the difference? Everything. Not only will an engaging social media campaign better your branding efforts but, with the proper tools implemented, it can turn likes into leads giving you a real ability to develop a solid and measurable ROI.

The Social Media Marketing Funnel:

  • Creates more engagement with visitors
  • Develops trust and credibility
  • Captures contact information for future marketing

 The funnel is composed of 5 custom apps (as shown below) accompanied with a custom email marketing campaign.

  1. Custom Landing Page with Offer for the Like – Rather than sending people to your wall, you will now be able to send people to your custom welcome page with an offer for liking your page. This can be a coupon, a tips newsfeed or any creative item of value that can be digitally provided. This process will create more likes as the visitor has an extra incentive to do so.
  2. Custom About Page – The about page is typically one of the most viewed pages in a site. People care about them. This is a custom about page that established a great look and provides solid credible information about your business.
  3. Custom News & Views Page – This custom page allows you to host your latest posts and videos and gives visitors a place to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for who you are and what you provide. The value here is that when people are on Facebook they don’t typically like clicking on a link and leaving Facebook. So, we bring your best information to Facebook for their ease and convenience.
  4. Custom Contest Page – The custom contest page provides two purposes: 1) It creates engagement. The visibility of your posts on visitor’s newsfeeds is completely dependent upon how engaged they are with your material. Contests engage people. 2) It creates a viral marketing nature as participants “tell” their friends about the contest in an effort to collect more votes. As a result, you expand your reach to the friends of those who like you without advertising for it.
  5. Custom Lives Reviews Page – Similar to the News & Views page, visitors on Facebook tend to like to stay on Facebook. This page is a live reviews page (all reviews must be approved before going live). It gives a place for people to leave and read views about your business.


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