Press Release Writing & Distribution Services

Press Release Writing & Distribution Services: Building Buzz that Gets Heard

Press release advertising is one of the most effective forms of online marketing. News sites and outlets are growing exponentially. With this growth your potential reach grows as well, which makes press release advertising a wise investment for the savvy online marketer.

PMA’s Press Release Advertising team has been in the business of press release advertising since the beginning of online syndication. Our relationships have been formed over the past 15 years and have weathered a lot of industry changes. We stand out from other press release websites because we have the experience and the connections that over a decade and a half of success can foster.

From writing and distributing your story to syndicating your press release, PMA can get you the best possible coverage. Plus, unlike other forms of online marketing, press releases tend to stay on sites in perpetuity, so your marketing investment goes further for a longer amount of time.

PMA’s Press Release Advertising Team can help you do the following:

  • Submit a professionally written press release, customized with your logo & an optional YouTube video to all three major search engines
  • Distribute to tens of thousands of worldwide media contacts, news publications, television networks, radio stations, blogs, social media and more
  • Get you featured in Google News, Yahoo! News, all the major news sites like Topix, ABCNews.com, Newsday.com, and Boston.com to name a few
  • Expose your message to over 150,000 niche-specific media contacts
  • Distribute your press release for city-specific targeting with enhanced regional distribution
  • Deliver your release to over 250,000 news subscribers, newsletters, business journals and thousands of other niche-based outlets
  • Give you access to PR Web Top-Tier Distribution Network, which gets you a highly-detailed report of your results

Here at PMA we know what the news wires need to take your press release seriously. We coach you with what information we need and then we package it for the press release outlet push. From what angle to take, to which news outlet to contact, we help get the right information in front of the right news outlets to build buzz that you know will get heard.

Call our team at (855) 294-7414 or click here to learn more about how PMA can put our experience and contacts to work for your next press release advertising project today.

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