Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing Services

Over the last year our team has delivered well over 125,000 human views per day to our clients.

More than 100 clients have trusted our services to take their video marketing viral because unlike the majority of companies who overcharge on cheap outsourced views from some 3 rd world country, our traffic is 100% U.S. Based and comes primarily from the top social media websites online such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Reddit.

Video Syndication

What We Do

  • Generate 100% U.S. based traffic from the top social media websites
  • SEO Optimize your video for optimum search results both organically and within YouTube
  • Create authority backlinks signaling your videos importance
  • Generate buzz through word of mouth (social sharing) to help your video “trend” on YouTube

YouTube Traffic Analysis

Our in-depth end of month report will provide the following details:

  • Video performance
  • Engagement on video
  • Top Geographies
  • Gender
  • Top playback locations
  • Top traffic sources
  • Audience retention

*YouTube channel access is required for reporting

Our Cutting Edge Marketing Strategy

  • We use the top Social Media engagement websites to generate hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to your video and promote your business. Due to the viral nature of Social Media your video is much more likely to “trend” on YouTube which can greatly increase your exposure and the amount of times your video shows in YouTubes “recommended viewing” sections.
  • Provide in-depth reporting so you can see the amazing results we deliver. As you can see above in our YouTube Traffic Analysis we are very detailed in our reporting and our team takes a great deal of pride in the word we deliver. We want you to see every important measurable analytic available so you can be proud of your videos success too.
  • Maximize Mobile Video Exposure. Each day YouTube lists The Top 20 “Most Watched” videos of the previous day to smart phone and other mobile devices such as tablets. Once again our methodology of viral sharing and view creation can help get your video ranked near the top.

We can generate more than 800,000 YouTube views within 45 days from the date we start promoting your video. Naturally, we will work with you to calculate the best launch date for your company's needs and viral success of your video.

Channel Layout, Community and SEO Optimization

What We Do

  • Optimize your video for maximum search engine exposure
  • Optimize Video Titles, Descriptions, Tags and Calls to Action
  • Leverage your YouTube subscriber base for maximum community engagement
  • Enhance your channels visual layout to promote your business more effectively
  • YouTube Community Engagement

Our Cutting Edge Marketing Strategy

  • Create a channel layout that represents your business the way you want it to be seen, yet at the same time fosters an interactive atmosphere to encourage community engagement.
  • Work with you to create a targeted marketing plan designed to generate more community engagement and subscribers by leveraging our teams proprietary engagement software. This includes management of: Video comments and responses and Friend Invitations and Subscriber Requests
  • Optimization of videos Titles, Descriptions, Tags and Calls to Action for search engines so you are in the best position to receive as much organic search traffic as possible and can convert that traffic into paying customers.
  • Develop a true “Web” strategy designed to maximize your YouTube channel with your top social media channels such as Facebook and Strategy. This cross promotion greatly increases community engagement and keeps your brand constantly in front of your current and potential customers.

Find out what our video marketing team can do for your business, give us a call!


100% Guaranteed



We stand behind what we say. We will not promise something that we aren’t certain can be achieved and we will create a unique guarantee with every service agreement.

We want you to be confident in the work and the results that you’ll be receiving and we want you to keeping working with us as your long-term internet marketing firm.

For all service issues and inquiries, please don´t hesitate to call us on: 1-855-294-7414 (toll free) or use the Live Chat feature on our website

Live Chat



We love what we do and we’re happy to talk with you! We may be working in a high-tech industry but at the end of the day we really like people.

Whether you want to discuss becoming more visible in the search engines, getting your social media ramped up, blasting your new video across the web or whatever it may be, we’d love to chat with you.

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